His Revelation of Himself – God i.e. Elohim

Grammatically, the word elohim is thought to be plural of the noun,
“el,” a commonly used designation for a single deity…in man’s
history, across cultures and history, ancient to present, within and outside
of  Holy Scripture.

Demonstrate-ably, Elohim, The True Elohim, The Living Elohim,
Jer. 10:10, the plural ending, im, has to do with the spectrum
of His supreme sovereignty: His consummate knowledge, knowing all that
can be known;  His total
righteousness, unqualified love and thorough judgment; His absolute omnipresence—not
just the ability to “be” but actually being, having been, and ever being, in
essence and actual presence.

ELOHIM is as much God of revelation as He is God
of mysteries, and He invites us to know Him.

Elohim is Creator, yes! Yet His
revelation of Himself, before He introduces His “Name/Title,” before revealing Himself as
Creator of All, He shows that He is Who, Authored time, Founded
order, Established place/realm, Piloted position and Ordained purpose—

separate spheres that each has their own depths, dimensions, realm, relevance
and significance. Each is ever fundamental and crucial applications.

having to do with Elohim–all that has to do with creation, and specifically
the heavens and the earth are affected according to time and times, age and stage, era and epoch, days, years, dispensations
and generations.

to do with Elohim and particularly the creation of the heavens and the earth
Elohim as given order, i.e.,
instruction, arrangement, category and genus.

Elohim designates place, i.e., sphere,
identity, uniqueness, consignment; realm, depth and dimension.

with time, order and place, Elohim pilots position,
i.e., stature, status, stance and standing, [which affects feelings and
intuition, mind and thoughts, view, bearing and resolve].

Everything having to do with Elohim has His ordained purpose, and functions within and according to and equipped for His principle and decree,  His directive and objective, His promise and pledge, function and resolution.

Neither time, order, place, position or purpose are incidental or accidental but authored, ordained, and sustained by ELOHIM the All Powerful One, The Eternal One.

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