The Bible Names Of God and The Vowel

What God has revealed in His Word about Himself
and the impact that has upon the crown of His creation

The vowel is the expression of the heart—The heart is where thoughts and intentions reside (note Heb. 4:12). Mankind is acutely in the heart of God. It is ELOHIM who breathed and made him a living soul, The 1st revelation of YHVH IS YHVH ELOHIM giving man’s intent. Gen

IMMANUEL Interpreted means God with us… Isa7:14 Mat.1:23 is the Name of He WHo is the very expression of the heart of God. He is God Who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities Hebrews 4: 14-15

                The Heart Of God ~ The Names Of God
                God Who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities, Hebrews 4:14-15
                is the High Priest Who ever lives to make intercession Hebrews
                I AM Ehyeh (native Indian sacred chant - phoneticlly)

The vowel is the expression of the soul—the inner man. In empathy we say “awww;” when we hurt we say ouch (with or without the “ch”); and there’s “ooooh”, ahhhh, oooo, when we are trying to decide or come to a conclusion it’s uhhh.

As to music, these are the sound in the harp, viols and string. It is Also the sound outside and in between the whole, half, sharps and flat scales we are accustomed to in Western music. These Sounds, whether music or not, move spirits

Within the purpose and provision of God we see the demonstration of this when David played to relieve King Saul of the tormenting spirits that made him lunatic1 Samuel 16:15-16. While the playing is always a right prescription it is not always successful and rarely permanent.

Outside of God’s purpose and provision, mankind has learned to use these sounds for enchantments, as is the case with snake handlers….

The Bible Names Of God Charts   are designed for
    1 Name Of God A Day For 1 Month

With one exception, The Jehovah Names In The 23rd Psalm Chart, each Bible Names Of God chart has 31 Names Of God and a Scripture reference for each on the front. On the back of each chart is arich and insightful Mini Course that makes a most excellent group Bible Study. Each BIBLE NAMES OF GOD CHART is in 9” x 11 1/ 2” laminate and ready to frame. Each is it’s own certificate of completion or handy reference. Framed and hung is a beautifully displayed reminder of Who God is.

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