The Bible Names Of God and The Consonant

        What God has revealed in His Word about Himself
        and the impact that has upon the crown of His creation

The consonant governs purpose: within the context of purpose, it governs movement and action. Lips, tongue and teeth are used to form the consonant. When Scripture speaks of the mouth, it is, as to meaning, the grouping or any combination of lips, tongue and teeth

The consonant of speech correlates to “hits” in the sound of percussion: rhythm gives enunciation.

The Word Of God is to be in our mouths. Deut.30:14 Rom.10:18

The consonant brings and Cascades His eternal purpose in and over the earth. His Word (faith)moves faster than the speed of thought. The entrance of His Word gives light. Light travels slower that thought, a product of its function of transcending through time. The articulation of speech produces sound. Sound travels slower than light. Sound picks up the Gematria, which includes resonance. That which is spoken causes everything created, which can resonate with that sound to align in agreement in order to produce the demonstration of the sound or utterance. One’s mouth and tongue can keep back trouble.Pr.18:21 25:15

This is part of our being in the image of God. Our responsibility is to speak [and cause the speech in all things created] the Word of God.

The Names of God spoken; whether prayed, declared, cried, etc., have specific sound, which produces particular effects, and affects in a similar way specific musical chords produce their specific sound and effects.


  • The utterance of the consonant sets purpose in motion.
  • As to human speech, the consonant is made with the lips, the tongue, the teeth and the mouth. Note the many Scriptures on teeth, tongue, lips mouth
  • The consonant renders percussion.
  • The heartbeat is the consonant of the flesh…all other body rhythms respond to or counter that rhythm. God takes out the stony heart gives us a heart of flesh to accomplish His eternal purpose…through us…in the earth.

As to music, these are, of course, percussion instruments and connections.


The Bible Names Of God Charts   are designed for
    1 Name Of God A Day For 1 Month

With one exception, The Jehovah Names In The 23rd Psalm Chart, each Bible Names Of God chart has 31 Names Of God abd a Scripture reference for each on the front. On the back of each chart is arich and insightful Mini Course that makes a most excellent group Bible Study. Each BIBLE NAMES OF GOD CHART is in 9” x 11 1/ 2” laminate and ready to frame. Each is it’s own certificate of completion or handy reference. Framed and hung is a beautifully displayed reminder of Who God is.

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